The Interpolator software is designed to help you machine printed circuit boards on a CNC mill or router.
It is designed to function with two other pieces of software.

Eagle by Cadsoft (
PCB-Gcode by John Johnson software (

Eagle is used to design circuit boards. PCB-Gcode is used to turn Eagle circuit board designs into Gcode
to be used on a CNC mill or router.

The problem with the Gcode output from PCB-Gcode is that it requires a CNC machine with an automatic
tool changer in order to drill the different sized holes in the circuit board. Most home machinists that
are fortunate enough to have a CNC mill, do not have one with an automatic tool changer.

The Interpolator solves this problem by cutting all holes with one cutter. If the hole is larger than the
cutter, the cutter will move in a small circle to enlarge the hole.

Click on the image to download, 1.5 MB, Windows only.
This software is Freeware. Feel free to use and distribute it as you choose.
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