Since the SD-1 will currently be sold as a kit, it will be the responsibility of the buyer to get it registered for the
road in a specific state. This is an easy process and Sceadu Design will provide all necessary paperwork to
support the process.

Sceadu Design will provide the following :
The core vehicle with VIN plate attached to the frame.
A manufacturer statement of origin (MSO) which is the vehicle's "birth certificate".
A bill of sale for the core vehicle.
Support document with federal website link to clarify that the SD-1 is a "motorcycle"

The buyer will provide the following :
Receipts for all additional purchased components (must be the original, not copy)
New title application forms from the DVM for your state.

Process :
Completely finish the vehicle.
Take all of your paperwork to the DMV.
Take your vehicle to the DMV inspection station.
Take the inspection papers to the DMV and pay for title and registration.
Attach state issued VIN sticker, license plate, and begin to smile.