Sceadu Design can help you move your idea from a dream to an easily producible item.
We offer complete design and prototyping services.

Our design department uses the best computer design tools to improve product structural
integrity and manufacturability.

Our prototype department offers lathe, mill, welding, and CNC plasma cutting services
that will speed your idea from concept to tangible product.

Our fiberglass department offers complete fiberglass component design,
plug manufacturing, mold manufacturing, and prototype part manufacturing.

Major clients include :

Northwest Gears - Aerospace transmission manufacturer
Nashville Diversified - Producer of the Flying Turtle childrens' riding toy
Hartford Compressors - Commercial Freon compressor manufacturer
ACS Products - Aircraft component manufacturer
Bucknum Racing - American Lemans racing team
Commuter Cars - Producer of the Tango electric car
Barefoot Motors - Electric utility vehicle manufacturer
Infusion Development - Software development company
Modbotix - Robotics development company