Infusion Development, a software company located in New York City, wanted a large 6-wheel electric
platform to test some self-guidance software. That was cool enough, but I just Had to put a seat
on it so I could drive (er, test) it.

The basic chasis is made of welded mild steel. All 6 wheels have drive using #50 chain. Each side has
its own drive system and brake system. Steering is controlled through skidding like a tank.

The motors are Sepex and the battery pack is LIFEPO4. The motors do all of the speed and direction
control. The brakes are used for parking and hill-hold, and are controlled by a linear actuator.

The drone was going get a lot of publicity, so we decided to make the body see-through to show off
its workings.

Although the drone was meant to be used autonomously, for testing (and for fun), we decided to add a
seat and controls for a rider.