College senior design project - I convinced myself that I could carry a full load for my senior
year and build a complete car for my design project. Needless to say ... more

Electric roller skate for Nashville Diversified - Who wouldn't want to pull up to their girlfriend's
house in a shiny new full-sized electric roller skate. The only thing missing is ... more

Electric fuzzy robot for Kid Power - Well, enough of this dabbling with cars and large roller skates. It
was time do do something of significance. But then along came this cute little ... more

CNC gear grinding machine for Northwest Gears - When Boeing designed the wings on the 757
and the 777 they had no idea how difficult it was going to be to find a vendor that ... more

Tango electric car by Commuter Cars - The Tango was designed to be fast and skinny. The
idea was to make a car that could squeeze through traffic like a motorcycle ... more

The Barefoot Motors electric quad was designed for the vineyards of Northern California
and Oregon. It was designed to be a no-expense-spared ultimate example of what was
currently the best EV technology available ... more

The Barefoot Motors electric quad was designed with a generic form chassis. The goal
was to repurpose the chassis in other vehicle forms.The first of these vehicles was ... more

Infusion Development, a software company located in New York City, wanted a large 6-wheel electric
platform to test some self guidance software. That was cool enough, but I just Had to ... more

After the 6-wheeled drone was completed, Infusion Development asked us to look into
developing a generic drive platform for a low-speed electric vehicle ... more

We have been asked to look into the possibility of producing quality robotic components
at a price that is reasonable for the general user. The first design is a robotic arm ... more

The challenge was to design a small (but powerful) 4 wheeled device that would be able
to get over just about any terrain it encountered ... more