Electric roller skate for Nashville Diversified - Who wouldn't want to pull up to their girlfriend's house in a shiny
new full-sized electric roller skate. The only thing missing is a clown's costume and a big red nose.

Actually, the electric skate was purchased by roller skating rinks and used for advertising. It typically found use in
parades and displays. Because it was all-electric, it could also be driven inside the roller rinks and inside of malls.

All controls could be operated with one hand, leaving the other hand free to wave and pass out treats. Left/right
was controlled with side motion of the tiller, the brake was activated by pushing down on the tiller, speed was
set with a twist-grip, and forward/reverse was controlled with a thumb switch.

The body was made of fiberglass, pulled from a production mold. The chassis was made of mild steel. The interior
was fully carpeted with a built-in seat.